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General Practitioner

Dr Ezzat Abdou


Dr Ezzat Abdou has 50 years of experience as a Medical Practitioner. He started his career as an intern in Cairo in 1973 after graduating from Cairo University in 1972. He then started working in a variety of roles including respiratory medicine throughout Egypt and Nigeria until he relocated to Australia in 1987.

On completion of his General Practice training, he has been serving the local community for more than 30 years working as a full time GP. Dr Abdou is very friendly, hardworking and approachable.

Areas of interest: General medicine, Dermatology including minor procedures and Respiratory medicine.
Languages: Can consult in English & Arabic.

Personal interests: Outside of work, Dr Abdou likes to keep up to date with current affairs both here and in Egypt by reading newspapers and watching documentaries.

General Practitioner

Dr Magdy Ibrahim


Dr. Magdy Ibrahim graduated from the University of Alexandria in 1982. He has been a General Practitioner for over 30 years working in Adelaide and Sydney.

He has extensive experience in skin cancer diagnoses, management and minor procedures, having undertaken multiple courses to support his knowledge. He takes a holistic approach to clinical medicine appreciating the psycho-social factors affecting one’s health. His kind and friendly approach garners him a loyal following of patients.

Areas on Interest: Chronic disease management (such as diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disorders and kidney disease), Men’s Health, Paediatrics and Ophthalmology.

Languages: Can consult in English and Arabic.

Personal Interests: When Dr Ibrahim is not looking after his beautiful grandchildren he is seen jetting off and exploring the world with his wife.

General Practitioner

Dr Hany Ghobrial


Dr. Hany Ghobrial graduated from The University of Alexandria in 1985 and relocated to Australia in 1988. He has been a General Practitioner for over 30 years.

Dr Ghobrial is one of our most loved doctors, having looked after multiple generations of the same family; caring for newborns right up to the elderly. He is kind, loving and very loyal to his patient community which is highly revered and reciprocated.

Areas of Interest: Dermatology including skin cancer, Paediatrics and Chronic disease management.

Languages: Can consult in English and Arabic.

Personal interests: Dr Ghobrial is in tune with his fitness, playing soccer regularly and enjoying long bush walks with his wife. He has recently taken to martial art and is enjoying this immensely.

General Practitioner

Dr Cherif Helou


Dr Cherif Helou graduated in Cairo, Egypt in 1983 and started his Internship in Ainshams University Hospital and continued in General Practice where he also gained his Masters Degree in General Medicine. Dr Helou emigrated to Australia in 1991 and started practicing in Burnie Hospital in Tasmania. He then moved on to St Vincent’s Hospital in 1996 and St George Hospital in 1997 where he held various roles. To date he has been in General Practice for over 20 years.

Dr Helou’s qualifications include Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine from University of Queensland, Professional Certificate of Clinical Procedures and Antenatal Shared Care Recognised Provider; Liverpool & Macarthur Area. He is a thorough intellectual and a very dedicated clinician to his patients and comes highly recommended.

Areas of interest: Cardiology, Dermatology including minor procedures and General Medicine. He is an Antenatal shared care provider.

Languages: Can consult in English, Arabic and French

Personal Interests: Dr Helou enjoys the role of choir leader at his Church utilising his musical skills as a singer and pianist. When not singing, you’ll find Sensei Helou sparring at the dojo, training the next generation of martial arts warriors!

General Practitioner

Dr Sara Yousaf


Dr Sara Yousaf qualified from University of Leicester, England in 2005. She completed her general practice training in Birmingham, her home town yielding experience in medical, surgical and a variety of specialities including Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Psychiatry.

The love for General Practice had arisen early during Sara’s medical journey as the pivotal role of GPs within the lives of patients became apparent. The impact of family, social and lifestyle factors on health and the individual’s well-being could only be addressed through the breadth of General Practice whereby she was able to care for her patients wholly.

As she gained experience, her interest in women’s and antenatal medicine grew and she has taken up the role of GP Advisor to the Antenatal Shared Care Programme helping to shape and guide the delivery of care within the local area. Sara is a keen Educator; she is currently an accredited Medical Student and GP Registrar supervisor, and you may see her providing guidance and teaching to our future generation of doctors.

Areas of Interest: Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Antenatal Care, Sexual Health including contraception and Implanon insertion.

Languages: Can consult in English and Urdu

Personal Interests: Outside of work, time is taken up by mummy duties as Sara is a doting mother to two children. She enjoys baking, cooking and sleep if there is some time left over!

General Practitioner

Dr Neer Patel


Dr Neer Patel is a U.K trained general practitioner with over 15 years of clinical experience having graduated from Newcastle University, England in 2008. He completed his General Practice speciality training in Surrey and has membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners in the United Kingdom and is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He has extensive postgraduate experience in general medicine, cardiology, paediatrics and care of the elderly including clinical lead roles in nursing homes. He has worked in a number of hospitals in the UK and here in Australia including St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

He enjoys the variety of general practice and the opportunity it provides for continuity of care over many years. As a family doctor he appreciates the importance to understand, listen and advocate for his patients exploring all dimensions of their health, as well as creating tailored healthcare and long- term connections.

Neer has a passion for lifestyle medicine and helping his patients understand the root of many lifestyle- related chronic diseases. He is a strong believer in empowering individuals and assisting behavioural and lifestyle change to prevent disease and in some reverse chronic disease.

Areas of Interest: Paediatrics, Elderly care medicine, Chronic disease management and Lifestyle medicine

Languages: Can consult in English or Gujarati and please feel free to help him practice his Mandarin!

Personal Interests: Outside of work you’ll find Neer enjoying the outdoors sprinting after his energetic young children. He is a keen sports enthusiast and enjoys playing a variety of sports including football, squash and golf. His passion is following the world-renowned Liverpool Football Club.