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A personal, accessible service. 

Providing telehealth consultations you can access your personal GP from any location. 

Our GP Services 

General Care & Wellness 

Efficient individually based health screening programs, Arranging scripts to treat chronic conditions and diseases, Arranging antibiotics scripts to treat simple infections, Arranging referrals for specialist opinion and allied health support, Arranging pathology and imaging tests based on any acute concerns.

Pain Management 

Access to scripts for pain relief- Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatories, codeine preparations, and stronger forms of pain relief. Information on accessing medical cannabis preparations for pain relief. Referrals for imaging to diagnose and plan for joint injections. Referrals for specialist opinion on surgical management of joint pain.

Weight Loss Management

Full pathology work up to determine barriers to weight loss. Prescribed medication options to support and assist weight loss. Referrals for consideration of surgical weight management options. Dietician referrals and ongoing support.

Mental Health, Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Support and diagnostic assessment, advice in regard to psychology referrals & access to medications to treat anxiety, assist sleep and improve work and life performance.

Sexual and Reproductive

Easy access to scripts for contraception.Easy and discrete access to screening for sexually transmitted diseases. Online pre natal care- ordering investigations and arranging referrals. Easy access to discuss sexual health concerns and medication options.


Dr Martin is passionate about smoking cessation. Full cessation assessment to provide an individually tailored quit plan. Prescriptions for Nicotine Replacement Therapy and medication to support quitting. Legal prescriptions for nicotine oils for e cigarette options.

 Dr Nylie-Le Martin- online GP service- providing telehealth consultations you can access your personal GP from any location. To maintain continuity of care and improve overall access to individual medical services and advice.

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